Typical 1031 Exchange Timeline

How long does a 1031 Exchange Take?


Sales Contract For Relinquished Property

Secure a buyer for your relinquished property.

Complete Info Sheet & Contract

Complete the 1031 Exchange information sheet and send it to us with a copy of the contract.

Exchange Documents & Closing Instructions

We will create the exchange documents for your review and signature. We will also prepare closing instructions for the title company or attorney handling the closing.

Settlement Statement

Prior to the closing, the title company or attorney sends the settlement statement for both you and Equity 1031 Exchange to review and sign.

Closing Day

On closing day, proceeds are wired to the escrow account we set up in your name to be held until the closing on the replacement property.

Day 45 & Day 180

Within 45 days of closing on the relinquished property, you must identify the intended replacement properties. You have 180 days from the relinquished property closing to complete the purchase of the replacement property.

Purchase Contract

Once you are under contract for your purchase(s), we require a copy of the contract(s). We create the final exchange documents for your signature and provide instructions for the title company or attorney handling the closing.

Review, Sign, Complete

Once it is time to close on your purchase(s), both you and Equity 1031 Exchange will review and sign a copy of the settlement statement. We will wire proceeds to the title company or attorney. When you close on all purchases, your exchange is complete.

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